What Are Alum Patio Doors?

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Alum Patio Doors Blinds

Alum patio doors are doors made with an aluminum frame. Aluminum makes a nice frame for patio doors for a variety of reasons. Aluminum patio doors are strong, which provides a solid frame for storm windows or screens in the patio door. They are also a low maintenance choice. Aluminum patio doors are readily available so if you get trouble with them, replace or repair parts is a simple process.

They also have no rust, which is especially handy on deck and porches that are exposed to wind and weather. Aluminum has drawbacks, however. While alum patio doors will not rust, they are exposed to oxidation. This oxidation looks like a white residue, and can eventually lead to pitting, forming small holes in the door. Grop corrosion is the formation of small holes in the door. To avoid damage from oxidation you should keep oxidation dried from the door.

While alum patio doors are popular for their simple maintenance, they are your only choices. Aluminum patio doors find a nice balance between affordability and attractiveness. Unlike three doors, which can quickly look bad if not regularly maintained, aluminum doors can withstand some neglect. At the same time, aluminum doors are less expensive than fiberglass patio doors.

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