Water Features For Patio Wall Ideas

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Attractive Patio Wall Ideas

Patio wall ideas water features have been used for centuries. The ancient Egyptians had the wall fountains in formal outdoor gardens, and the Romans used them to distribute water to the people. If you are thinking of adding an outdoor wall water feature to enhance your patio or farm, you have many types to choose from.

Wall Mounted Fountains

Before you buy this type of fountain, make sure your base patio wall ideas are strong enough to hold it. Many wall fountains are made of stone or concrete, but there are cheaper versions made of fiberglass. These types of fountains typically have a decorative background with a waterspout, as well as curved-out bases that capture the water. They come in many different types of styles, from Buddha-inspired Japanese designs to classic Mediterranean patterns with carved images.

Pedestal Wall Fountains

Homeowners who have large patio wall ideas can lay large fountains installed against the wall. These types of fountains usually have pedestal bases and backing. Some of them have several levels and semi-circular shapes (flat back plates and rounded fronts). Others are stately pieces that have long, flat pillar hall back plates with high water pepper. There are several types of patterns and styles of these types of wall fountains — from classic Romanesque stone to colorful Mexican tile bases. Some have animal head peaks, such as a lion’s head or frog head, which seem to have the water that comes out of the animal’s mouth.

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