Solar Porch Light Ideas

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Solar porch light – Porch appliques should be placed at the optimum height. Place accessories high enough to keep them from shining in your eyes and to shine down on the entire porch area. Sixty-five inches above the level of the foot is standard. Installing a wall lamp on both sides of the entrance door ensures consistent lighting. If you can only place a light on one side of your door. Then, choose an appliance with two light bulbs. If it is necessary to install an applique on wooden porch surfaces step down, you may have to build a wooden base to provide a horizontal surface for proper installation.

Choose outdoor appliques with solar porch light energy for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Be selective as the lighting varies with solar-powered sconces. Some selections use LED bulbs and resemble the lights on the gas porch. This guy has bright light. However, other solar fixtures provide a softer light that is not optimal for porch lighting.

Choose a porch app that matches the exterior design of your home. There are solar porch light available in innumerable design options. Vintage, nautical, arts and crafts, Spanish influence, rustic Tuscany, mission, contemporary, modern and are available in many sources online and retail. There is a wide range of choices of materials as well, such as ceramics, bronze, brass, wrought iron, copper, etc.

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