Small Screened In Porch Designs

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Screened in porch designs can be the most used room in your home during hot weather months. Make it a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing room by dressing it up as you would any other room in your home. When you start with a clean space and add items like curtains, furniture and plants. And you seem to increase your home square footage and enhance your backyard view.

Ideas for decorate small screened in porch designs. Paint the surrounding walls and porch structure a clean, bright white. This helps lighten a shady place and makes the porch feel more like a room beyond an outdoor space. Paint a wooden floor or lay an outdoor area rug in the porch to add some definition to the room. Use drawstring or attach curtain sticks on the screen frames and hang white or a pale, pastel-colored sheer curtain. When you hang the curtains in this room and tie them back. You add privacy and softness to the screen porch look.

Then for decorate small screened in porch designs. Buy an outdoor love seat in the rattan or white braid and place at an angle in one corner of the porch. This provides a comfortable space for outdoor napping without eating too much useful space. And then match love seat with two comfortable rocking chairs and a small occasional table to complete the furniture in the small screened porch. Use an outdoor light fixture to light the room at night or distribute romantic hurricane lamps or battery-powered lights throughout the room for diffuse lighting.

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