Sliding French Patio Doors Innovative Combination

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Sliding French Patio Doors Innovation

Sliding French Patio Doors – The main purpose of French doors is, in addition to being an opening in a room or building, to allow large amounts of light to enter. The sliding glass doors, which also allow a large amount of light to enter the room, differ from the French doors in that they do not have hinges on both sides and instead consist of two glass plates one stands motionless against one partition while the other slides along a rail.

The sliding doors open horizontally along a rail. There are two different mechanisms that allow a sliding door to open the sliding french patio doors hung from above and the sliding doors with a gear bottom. The sliding door suspended from above hangs from two hangers that run on a rail hidden above the door. Next to the sliding door hangs from the hangers and can be moved back and forth.

The sliding door that rolls with gears below is used less. It consists of two rollers in the lower part of the rail under the door. Next to the sliding french patio doors runs along this rail. Once the screws are inserted into the wall to hold the door in place, you must build a rail either below or above the door frame and place rollers or hangers accordingly. The second sliding door must then be carefully placed on the rail.Door slider and french combined,

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