Refinishing Farmhouse Patio Furniture

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Rustic Farmhouse Patio Furniture

Farmhouse patio furniture – Whether your outdoor furniture is wood or metal, reconditioning old, worn out furniture is usually cheaper than replacing it. Vehicle repair lacquer outdoor furniture is a particularly good option for anyone who loves their current furniture, but does not like how it has been looking recently. Sometimes simply change the pillows to update the look is not really enough. Read on what to do next


Remove all pillows, rubber tips legs and anything else not included in the chin with furniture. Clean your farmhouse patio furniture with soap, water and a shed brush. Use the garden hose to rinse everything properly. Allow all parts to dry. Use sandpaper and steel brush to remove any loose, peeling paint or finish. Use rust strippers to remove any rust stains on metal furniture that does not go away with step 3. Use paint removers only if your furniture has color and you want to remove paint to color the object. Follow all instructions on the strip carefully. This is a nasty chemical.

Use a brush (or spray primer) to prime minister farmhouse patio furniture that will be painted. Use brush to paint or stain on furniture right now. Apply 2 layers, with 24 hours drying time between them. Allow the last layer to dry for 24 hours before proceeding to step eight. Apply any recommended overcoats, such as polyurethane, at this time. Metal color may not require this step, but the wood color gets, and the bet definitely comes. Has your color trade helped you make an appropriate choice about this top coat? Allow all furniture to dry for at least two days before use.

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