Porch Columns Home Depot Ideas

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Porch columns home depot – In the architecture, columns are used for one of two purposes. The first is to add support to structures. If you want to add columns to your home to add some decoration, you can hire an entrepreneur to create them, or build your own. Making your own columns is cheap and requires few joinery skills. Using wood pieces and a bit of color, you can make square columns for your porch as a weekend project.


Cut two pieces of 1-by-10-inch wood and two 1-by-12-inch wood with a circular saw to the height of your floor-to-porch columns home depot to create the four sides of the column. Load one of the 10-inch pieces flat on the work surface. Apply threading the length of the board on one of the 1-inch sides. Place a 12-inch board on a 90 degree angle to the first board, rest 1-inch edge on the work surface. Press the sides of the discs together. Hammer 8d finishing nail into the side of the second piece of wood on the one-inch side of the first part. Place a nail every 4 inches.

Apply the tire down the length of the first 10-inch on the other 1-inch side. Place the other 12-inch board on a 90 degree angle to the first. Squeeze the porch columns home depot and attach them the same way you did in Step 2 using 8d finishing nails every 4 inches to create a 3-sided column. Lift the square to the roof of your porch where you want the column to be placed. Attach it to the roof of the veranda using a 3-inch nail. Place the nails in the four corners of the square in the ceiling. Space them one inch in from each edge.

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