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Patio Umbrella Covers Recommendation

Patio Umbrella Covers – If the sun squeezes, the umbrella becomes a great ally in terraces, patios, and gardens. But if you’re plan to buying outdoor umbrellas that do not last. The sunshades are getting bigger and they allow shade in ever wider spaces. Look, if not, in the huge umbrellas that is available on the terraces of many bars and cafes. Ideally, as far as possible, cover the table and also about 60 cm on each side.

Or what is the same, if the table is 1.2 meters, then the most appropriate patio umbrella covers must be 2.4 meters in diameter (or the standard measure closest to this magnitude). The diameter of the mast can also give an idea of its resistance: models with a mast around 38-48 mm in diameter are recommended, although there are also 18 mm and up to 60 mm. Beach umbrellas are usually adjustable in height, but not those that are designed for patio and garden.

The idea is to buy an umbrella that can be tilted to one side to get out of the sun during its daily journey. You have to be attentive to the material with which the structure of the patio umbrella covers‚Äčis made, but also to the type of fabric. Umbrellas can be made of wood, aluminum, steel or fiberglass. This last material is very interesting if you live in windy areas since it is flexible and does not break with the force of the wind.

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