Installing Kuna Porch Light Camera

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The Kuna Home Security Camera is a porch light camera that is installed and works like any other light on the porch. But with a built-in security camera. The camera is activated by movement. So you can receive notices of any activity that occurs outside your home. Here is how to install and configure it. If you replaced the lamps before, the installation of the Kuna will be a familiar territory for you.

Since you do not need additional wiring. The camera receives its energy from the wiring of the lamp and connects to its network through Wi-Fi. However, even if you have never installed a lamp before, it is not really too difficult and only consists of three cables. Kuna porch light camera is color-coded to make it easy for anyone to connect it.

To install the Kuna porch light camera, you need an existing porch light connected to your wall. The Kuna is not a self-contained battery-powered product. Like the ring, it needs to be connected to the wiring of the existing porch light to function. So, if you do not have that, this will be a much longer process. And you will probably need to contact a professional.

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