Ideas Vinyl Porch Railing Kits

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Porch railing kits – Vinyl is a durable material that withstands extreme temperatures, sunlight and humidity. Very little maintenance is required. Making it a suitable building material for decks and other outdoor structures. Installation procedures for vinyl handrails and posts on a porch may vary slightly, depending on the rails and poles’ manufacturer, although most installation methods have certain basic procedures in common. The use of a vinyl pole and handrail kit allows a quick and easy installation. Check with the construction department of your area for the construction of codes that apply to your project, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the poles and rails.

Measure the perimeter of the porch to determine the number of posts needed. Most vinyl porch railing kits require the use of a post by the 42 inch section of railing. Then place mark every 42 inches along the perimeter of the porch to identify the correct placement of the posts. Then install the wall brackets on the exterior walls of the house that meet the porch.

Installation of rear mounting plates of the vinyl porch railing kits on the marks made by the posts. Use a carpenter’s level to make the square mounting plates with the gantry angles. And then screw the mounting plates on the porch with the screws included in the kit. The messages in your kit must have metal plates attached to its bottom. Set the metal plates that are on the bottom of the stalls over the mounting plates on the porch. And twist them so that they are fixed in place, holding the vertical poles.

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