Ideas For Paint Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

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Nice Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture Design

Vintage Woodard patio furniture high quality iron furniture is usually sold for commercial use. It usually holds up well when exposed to the elements. However, no wrought iron furniture is rustproof. All the iron, including wrought iron Woodard, will have to repaint from time to time to make it look its best and protected against oxidation. If you own the pieces of this furniture, you know that it is expensive and certainly an investment that you want to keep.

Ideas for paint vintage Woodard patio furniture. Place furniture in the middle of your driveway or lawn. Set your garden hose nozzle in its highest pressure position and hose the debris and dirt out of the furniture. Allow the wrought iron to dry completely. Brush the visible rust with a steel bristle brush. Use a piece of 80-grit sandpaper to get to cracks or rounded sand areas. Spray the entire piece of furniture with phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid will expose the additional oxide by converting an iron phosphate scab. Allow the acid to work on the iron for 24 hours.

Prime your furniture using an oil-based primer. Apply a thick coat of base paint and let it dry completely. Then for paint vintage Woodard patio furniture, oil-based spray paint in hard to reach places or that cannot be easily painted with a brush. Keep a hand brush to soften the drip marks. Paint the rest of the furniture with a good quality brush and let it dry.

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