Ideas For Back Porch Grill

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Back porch grill – The grill is a favorite summer pastime of many owners. Some people grill once a week, grill others only for large parties. And some grill in the middle of winter because they like the taste so much. Instead of spending hundreds of propane for a grill or having to store and unpack a grill every time you use it. Build a brick grate in your backyard to keep it on hand year-round for use with wood or charcoal.

Decide where you want to place the back porch grill. You must place the grid on the ground or on a concrete patio surface. The bricks that are used to build the grill will be too heavy for the placement of a wooden deck or porch. A grill can be built directly next to a wooden porch or deck. So you can access and grill the surface.

Build back porch grill, shovel the area where the grill will be placed. If you are not going to put the grill in a concrete patio. Shovel a square or rectangular area and check with a level. A 3 foot by 3 foot area is ideal although you can choose to go bigger or a little smaller. Place a concrete block pad with a trowel and heat-resistant mortar. Stack the block so that the holes are not exposed to the sides, as the sides will be exposed on the finishing grid.

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