How To Replace Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

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Beauty Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Stamped concrete patio ideas is a floor made of concrete that has had structures stamped into it. The floor then dyed with dyes to give that look of different materials, such as natural stone or brick. You can replace the stamped concrete floor and replace it with a material such as concrete pavement or brick.


Remove the stamped concrete patio ideas with a jackhammer. Begin at the outer edge of the floor, and work toward the center, remove pieces of concrete as you walk. If the floor is next to a wall, remove the last 6 to 8 inches with a hammer and chisel so that you do not accidentally damage the wall with Jackhammer. Rake the gravel base in the area where you removed the stamped concrete to smooth it.

Add more gravel to the base if necessary, and flatten it smoothly. Determine if you need more gravel by measuring the distance between gravel and the top of the hole. Stamped concrete patio ideas will be laid on a 1-inch layer of sand, and must be at even height with the surrounding ground. Lay the layer of sand on top of gravel, and then level it with a 2-on-4 board. Install border boundaries by placing them on the outer edge of the hole and driving through them. The efforts are included with limitations. Place the bricks or pebbles on the sand, beginning at one end of the hole. Use a wet saw to cut bricks or pebbles to suit if needed. Stagger paving stones in every row. Drive over brick or paving stones with a mechanical vibrating plate.

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