How To Keyhole Brick Patio Ideas

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Red Brick Patio Ideas

Brick patio ideas – Keyhole brick asphalt pavers are used to create beautiful patio surfaces that make your landscape more beautiful and accessible. You can connect a keyhole brick patio to an existing walkway. When adding keyhole brick patios to each farm, you reduce the amount of green space. This is a bonus if you want less green lawn to fertilize and cut during the hot months.

Front patio

If you ever thought about spending more time in the yard, you can create a front patio with keyhole asphalt pavers. Using paving stones made of genuine brick, you can extend the front walk that connects the door to the driveway. Brick patio ideas pebbles in a rectangular duvet from your door / walk to a point beyond your front window. To make this new surface more useful, you can add a rocker, swing or outdoor furniture. To provide shade for the patio, you can install an awning or a temporary patio screen enclosure. The screen idea bugs out in the summer when you sit on your new keyhole brick patio.

Back patio with barbecue area

When using keyhole-shaped brick patio ideas to create a patio in the garden, add another useful space. Consider using keyhole tiles to create a diamond or circular patio instead of a public rectangle shape. Do-it-yourself guides describe how easy it is to build the base for your barbecue. The base should have rectangular walls (made of brick) built to the desired height. Another option is to build a fenced high enough to cover the body of an electric or gas grill. You can use plastic, wood or stainless steel to design a roller blind cover for the top of the grill.

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