Great Porch Railing Ideas

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Popular Patio Decorating Ideas

The right porch railing ideas can complement the architecture of a house, bringing unity into the overall design. Porch railings come in many different styles, with something for all tastes. Wood is one of the most traditional materials for front-step railings. Home improvement stores sell prefabricated wooden handrails, or you can create your own wood and tools. Wood can you paint with any color to match your home. On the downside, wood can be high maintenance.

Iron porch railing ideas are another traditional material for front-step railings. The material is the most durable of more railing options, but it is also the most expensive. Iron railings come in a variety of colors and styles and require little maintenance. Traditionally, bars can you place directly on wet concrete when the entrance steps poured. But they can also installed using iron bases. When shopping for an iron railing, you can look for one that is galvanize and also has a spray dry finish for durability.

Aluminum porch railing ideas are available improvement stores. The material comes in a variety of colors and is the least expensive metal railing available. Aluminum rails can be painted with special paint, but will have to be touched up on an annual basis.

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