Great DIY Screen Porch

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Beautiful DIY Screen Porch

DIY screen porch – If you love the outdoors but are easily eavesdropped by insects, consider adding an armored porch, which provides the benefits of being outdoors with protection from the sun and clouds. Screens come in different sizes and materials. Metal screens are more resistant to puncture but will rust, considering that nylon screens will not. Some specialty screens have very tight tissues, this can be important in areas with very small insects such as mosquitoes. If your porch is going to have a lot of traffic, consider buying repair kits when you buy the material on the screen, to make sure you will have a good match if you want to patch a tear.

The most durable porches will have concrete floors. Porches built as decks can use planked floors, but be careful that mistakes can creep between the planks, largely defeating the purpose of the DIY screen porch. Standard use structure of 2 by 4 posts of the walls of your porch with high quality plywood on both sides. Match the cladding house on the outside of the porch and consider simple but elegant lining for the interior walls.

To keep your DIY screen porch free of errors, make sure that all possible areas of insect entry are safe, including the seal of doors or windows. If a prefabricated screen does not quite fit the frame of your windows or door, use color matching time stamp tape. The tape will keep the bugs but will not prevent removal from the screen if you put the crystals in place during the winter.

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