Comfortable Set Of Folding Patio Table And Chairs

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Choose Folding Patio Table And Chairs

The garden is much more useful if you have a comfortable set of folding patio table and chairs. They are ideal to enjoy a good barbecue or a meal with friends or family when the good weather arrives. There are designs of all kinds of materials and for all pockets, from aluminum, cast iron, wood, natural rattan or synthetic rattan. In this book of ideas we present you with several proposals and we hope that they will inspire you to choose before the summer arrives.

The wide and rectangular folding patio table and chairs but it has the possibility of extending to add more diners. It has four stools, two of them with backrest. They are dark wood, which is very decorative but needs proper maintenance at least once a year. You have to pass a fine sandpaper and cover with one or two coats of lacquer or enamel for outdoor woods. And if they are kept indoors, they have a much longer life.

The foot of this original outdoor folding patio table and chairs is made with a natural trunk where you can see the knots and branches that developed for years. The table is a lid made with two wide planks on a lighter wooden structure. It is complemented with a set of chairs of the same wood of the table and a bench for 4 people of dark wood.

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