Building Wicker Porch Swing

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Wicker porch swing – There is nothing like being able to sit outside on the balcony for a warm evening and enjoy the outdoors. While the process requires some tools and a little know-how, a swing is actually a very simple home-do-it-yourself project


Inspect your porch. The first decision you have to make is where the swing will go. You have to have a porch thanks for the swing to hang. Determine where the swing will go, and measure where the wicker porch swing will hang down to the porch itself. Subtract a foot (12 inches), and that’s how long your two lengths on the chain should be. Looking up on the veranda roof, you need to identify where the turn should be hung. Look for longer and heavier pieces of wood that hold up the bridge roof. You can attach sideways to one of these, or between two of them.

Prepare your porch. Select two places in your porch roof where you will drill holes. They should be the same distance from each other as the swing is wide, 6 meters, and equally far from the edge of the bridge, so the swing will hang the square. Using a drill, drill a hole in each of these places. Drill at least three inches into the veranda roof. Next, you will install lifting loops. These will keep the whole weight of the wicker porch swing so they must be safe. You can screw them into the holes first by hand, but when it gets harder you can put a screwdriver through the hole at the end of the screw wheel to turn it easier. Okay tighten!

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